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1st let me say i do know

1st let me say i do know this family and have for many years. i feel sorry for his kids,wife,brothers and sisters but it doesnt change the fact that he was wrong. i'm not going to say he cant get forgiving because he can we serve a Great God..But calling what happen a lie doesn't make it better he ammited guilty and thats enough..2nd me myself was molested and it was also a family member so i know what Matt is going through. a child molester looks for week and low self esteem everything that this child had.there is no way to change the fact he was a grown man this is a young boy just getting to learn about life what if anything would he know about this sex acted and had he ask for it why would any straight man do this.Who knows it could have happen to him but most of the time it will be a repeat offense. me myself to protect my kids don't and want allow him around them are any other sex offender. i cant and will never support what he did but as a child of God i can forgive him but never can are will i take a chance with him and my kids and if you do i pray to God you will never have to see what Matt went through...sometimes you have to put yourself in the other persons shoes and think what if anything would this 16 year old have to gain. as far as BS(bladen County sheriff Dept)thats just what it is BS....


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