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It's amazing

to me how some people react to a "God fearing" man and a "Christian". I am a Christian and was in a church where the pastor admitted to sexual assault of a female member of the church. Instead of rallying around the victim and edifying her, the church as a whole chose to villify her and rally around the "pastor". Needless to say, I have not been back to that church.

I don't know the particulars but I am going to throw in a couple of "ifs". If the police officer was related to the accused, then he should have removed himself from the case and let an unbiased party investigate. If the prosecutor in the case did not talk to the victim then there should have been no deal. If the accused is in fact guilty then he should hold no office of any kind in any church. Most (not all, but most) sex offenders are repeat offenders, that is why they have sex offender registries.

Matthew, if you are reading this, I am appalled at what has happened to you and I urge you to seek help from a psychologist. I have seen firsthand the long-term affects of what you have been through. You are in my prayers.


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