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There has been no response from officials regarding this case. Their response has been to assign blame to the VICTIM. I am appalled by the way this case has been mis-handled. I think that heads should roll within our 'fine' sheriff's dept. It seems that the "To Protect and To Serve" pertains to the P-R-E-D-A-T-O-R and to the 'Law Enforcement Officers ' that have thus far been involved. I live in Kelly, and now I am ashamed to say that I live in Bladen County, where cover-ups and having family working for LEO can allow a felon to roam our streets free. I am a parent to a teenage son and is clear that I need to fear for their safety, not only from the criminal in our small community, but the people that we raise our children to believe are going to protect us and bring criminals to justice...our Bladen County Sheriff's Dept. Chief Little....this should have been handled LEGALLY...I really don't believe that you can 'assure' anyone of anything at this are a boil on the face of Law Enforcement, as are any officers that were involved in this.


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