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Bothering the commercial fisherman? WTF?

Maybe the commercial fisherman will realize that they're only hurting themselves by fighting the laws that are helping to conserve the fish population -- AND reduce the amount of by-catch. I hate to generalize, because I know many commercial fisherman who are responsible, and want to do everything possible to preserve what is here.

If you weren't so greedy and concerned with the immediate gratification from long-line and gill net fishing - maybe your kind wouldn't have to resort to mutilating turtles and threatening the lives of those who are enacting change. Many of the injured turtles that are brought into the hospital are done so by RESPONSIBLE fisherman.

Your argument lost all credibility after the mutilated and abused turtles started showing up on the island, the death threats, and the harassment against those who are trying to protect the balance of nature. Especially now that your kind has started personally attacking and threatening people...who is harassing whom?

For those who don't know...multiple parties have made death threats against Jean as well as threatened to burn down the turtle hospital because of her actions regarding restrictions on gill nets and long lines....that's sure to get the kind of results you want, right?

Maybe you should ask yourself why there's only a few states left that allow this type of fishing? Could it be that it's non-selective and is actually destroying the fish stock that you depend on to make your living?

So far, all of the 'militant' (re)actions sound like the last futile gesture of a small (minded) group of individuals who are only concerned with themselves, and are incapable of looking at the big(ger) picture.

As for the folks who have been mutilating turtles, harassing and threatening the folks who have dedicated their lives to saving them....there's a special place in Hell for you.

Maybe you'd like to come out from behind your keyboard, and let us know your suggestions? Be sure to let us know the name of the company you represent - or who you sell to - so the rest of us can make a decision as to whether we want to purchase your products?


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