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Playing the Devil's Advocate

First, let me start by noting the loss of life was tragic and placed the victim's family in a state of grief I'm certain takes all of their strength to face daily.

One prepares for the loss of parents and siblings. How does one face the death of a child? I'm not certain I'm that strong.

But she used a fake ID to gain entry to the establishment.

Question 1 would concern the person at the door who checked IDs. Did he know her? If he did, then he is as accountable as anyone. He or she should have been the first "line of defense" in preventing underage persons entry.

Queston 2 would concern the bartender. Did he know her well enough to know her age? If he did, no defense for him. If he did not, and he relied upon her gaining entry past the door verifier, then there's reasonable doubt.

Queston 3 would concern ABC requirements. If a person gains entry by using a fake ID at the door, are the bar tenders required to do additional ID checks or are they allowed to presume the person at the bar is of legal age as they passed through the door and had their ID checked?

Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Again, in no way am I attempting to make light of the family's loss.


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