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What good will this do?

This was a horrible accident and I hate the family has to endure the loss of their daughter, but what about personal accountability?

I agree that the bars should do all they can to prevent serving minors, but when these kids are sneaking around, faking ID's and making themselves out to be older in appearance to sneak into the bars, how is the bar supposed to know if they are truly underage? The bouncer/doorman has the inital screening responsibility, then the bartender has another if he suspects an underage drinker. Some of the fake ID's are nearly indistinguishable from an authentic one and the ladies can put on quite an appearance to get into the bars.

This incident was basically just bad judgement by the victim herslf and it cost her her life and injured another. Unfortunately she isn't the first and she won't be the last, but nobody poured that alcohol down her throat. A witch hunt for the bar isn't going to change anything. It takes personal accountability and responsibility to make better decisions and prevent this type of incident from happening. We all learn valuable lessons as young people. Sometimes we just don't get a second chance.


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