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To answer your question 2:

To answer your question 2: It is always the responsibility of the bar tender to double check. Working in many bar's over the past 5 years, I have ALWAYS been told when serving alcholic beverages, NEVER assume...Even if you know your door man and bouncers are fully capable of reading ID's in the end it is your responsibility as a bartender because you are the person serving the drinks.

To answer the first response...YES the ID's now a days are getting easier to look real when they are not, but that is why you attend classes put on by ALE to be able to read and identify a fake question would be did the bartender successfully pass the course...

People but their trust in bartenders, that when they are intoxicated that they are not over served as well as not served if they are underage...they also put their trust in management and doormen to be sure they get home safe...I would also ask if they management bouncers or bartenders tried to get her a taxi cab home....Honestly it sounds like the bartender was just placed back there to serve cause he knew alot of people and was never properly trained on the rules and regulations or the liability if there was to be an accident...


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