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You're blaming Socialism for the mandate of middle schoolers to wear uniforms? You seriously have your wires crossed somewhere! The main reason for uniforms is because parents don't seem to take pride or effort in the way their children dress for school. So, you have young men with pants 10 times too big with gangsta markings while showing their stupid underwear and butt cheeks. And you have young ladies dressing like hookers and pole dancers while others exhibit gang related attire sported by the local thug wannabes. All of this is very distracting and takes away from the already suffering education we're trying to give these young kids. They need to LEARN right now, they can join the fashion clubs when they grow up.

You want to do something about Socialism? You can learn what that really is by listening to your President yapp on the news everyday. You can help stop it by voting him and his cronies out in the next election!!!


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