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I completely agree! The

I completely agree! The school board could be tending to some of their own laundry instead of worrying about what elementary and middle school children are going to wear to school. This is simply a remedy for the school officials to not have to worry about dress code. If the dress code was enforced as it should be, what pro's would the uniforms have? This is to aide to the laziness of the school officials! Uniforms are costly, hard to find, and as a parent of an elementary child forced to wear them at the local PUBLIC elementary school, I have witnessed the true reality that with uniforms and especially only a select 3 color tops, you can truly tell the difference in income brackets just by looking at the students together in uniform. The lower class students are most often the ones with dingy white polos or faded navy blue ones. It's sad but it's true and the uniforms just gives the ones that would tease one to compare themselves to more so than with normal clothing. Come on! We need to stop catering to the laziness of the school officials and fight for our freedom! It's not fair for PUBLIC school children to be forced into what they have to wear while the faculty and staff are allowed to wear clothes that aren't so appealing!


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