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Stop & Think for a moment...

This is not about socialsim, its about teaching our kids what is truly important in life. Life is not all about the priciest car or name brand clothing. It teaches them about priorities, something some parents don't even care to know the definition of. For example, I stopped at a gas station and there was this young woman who was wearing ALL Baby Phat,from her arms to her feet, and she was riding around in a rusted car with the side mirrors falling off and a donut tire on the rear.
The uniforms are a GREAT idea, I went to this school when I was that age, the children then concentrated way too much on status quo than thier studies and I'm sure this has not changed, only exacerbated.
Additionally, any parent within their right mind should be relieved, less laundry, less arguing about what 'I'm wearing to school', and more time with family on a family/educational basis.


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