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Seriously lady, grow up.
I am not a mother and even I see the benefits in this. I'm tired of hearing my nephew and my neighbor's child cry about being picked on because their parents cannot afford to buy them the most up to date fashions.
It is ridicilous that that any parent would put fashion and status quo prior to education.
I used to be outraged about the dress code as well, but at the time I was a STUDENT at this school. I've since had several years to watch the younger generations get dumber and their parent be just fine with it so long as they dont have to actully sit down and TALK with their child in a reasonable manner.
Lord forbid we have expectation of our children that we actually expect them to to fulfill.
Additionally, Ms. Underwood is an excellent principal, I had her as a teacher when I went to school there, I didn't really take to her all that well (understandabaly as I was a bit obstiante, but whe was always willing to sit down and talk it out with me), but as an adult I have come to respect her more than the majority of those currently in high postions.


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