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uniforms are not the answer

i am a student at Leland middle and i wrote a letter to the state board of education and they said they cant do anything about it and to talk to the county board of education. this is part of what i wrote "I have a problem with your new rule with the uniforms. At first I was mad but now that i think about it, i have come to a conclusion in which I found inside of me that yes I understood you all want to make ours school more presentable but did you ever actually think about what we thought about it. when I was in 6th grade you wanted to put us in uniforms and we protested against it and we asked/ begged our parents to vote no and it worked. now you put us in uniforms and we couldn't do anything about it because its over our summer break. I am not saying I am going to break the rules but this is way out of line. We should be able to choose what we want to wear and have rules and guidelines with it and not just have no dignity. the law states everyone has freedom of speech and freedom of what to wear right? Don't the kids,preteens,and teens count to I know we do so why are you trying to make it seem like we have no personality or no dignity. Please don't do this to us. I have a solution to the problem of people breaking the rules and if you want to know a better way instead of wasting money for new clothes that match the dress code when there is a simpler way." come on people do you really think we like this do you really think we want this. your takeing our rights away whats next our minds?


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