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I do not think your comment

I do not think your comment is valid. It is much too focused on one's 'identity' and professes pride. When a child goes to school, he/she has to conform to certain habits and style that is a form of training - just like potty training at a young age. We wouldn't want a child to identify their location in the house by dumping anywhere they feel. In the same way, there is a etiquette for ensuring that a child, as he/she grows up, understand the basic belief of equality through a mode of training and uniforms can do it, amongst other things.

The notion of 'expressing identity' is irrelevant and nurtures self pride and arrogance by instilling the values 'I am who I am, deal with it', creating unrest when it comes to social harmony. Sure - let them wear what they want when they are in University or College, but don't expect a child to express themselves at much too a tender age. They need to be moulded to be good citizens.


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