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NC Film Incentive article.

Ok. So lets just take a look here.....

To further demonstrate the growth of this industry in Georgia, figures from FY '08-'09 show the following (updated 8/09):

Television networks, Hollywood studios, production companies and independent producers invested more than $647 million in Georgia
The economic impact of this investment was $1.15 billion
20 industry supply-chain companies have recently located to Georgia

The staff of LED's Entertainment Office are working to develop and cultivate a new economic sector in the state - Louisiana's entertainment industry. The state's entertainment incentives are designed to fuel long-term investment that capitalizes on Louisiana's native creative culture. Since 2002, when the first tax credits were introduced, the incentives have generated more than $2 billion in new revenue and spurred creation of thousands of high-wage jobs, state-of-the-art infrastructure development and new business opportunities.

LED uses a holistic and innovative approach by offering incentives, workforce training and other economic development programs among four different entertainment industry sectors: motion picture, sound recording, interactive and live performance

Headlines Today: June 4, 2010

SB 1752 creates a five-year, $242 million transferable tax credit incentive program for Florida’s Film and Entertainment industry. Information about the new incentive program is currently available online at more...

Get the picture??

I am Wilmington based film industry professional. I am currently unemployed in my profesional field and have been since last year. I am in danger of foreclosure, I am just "getting by" week to week as are hundreds of others in Wilmington's film community, and there is NO potential full time employment coming to our area. Almost everyone I know locally who IS employed in the film / tv industry at this moment is working out of state. They are spending their money and their taxes (and months at a time away from families) in OTHER STATES. Those of us who aren't as lucky... well, as for myself, I have 8 copies of my resume circulating in Georgia and 16 copies in Louisiana, all for different film projects.
It is definitely not for lack of effort.

It is of VAST importance to note here that a large number of those films would be in Wilmington, NC right now if it weren't for the current NC Film Tax Incentive. It is loaded with restrictions, monetary caps, spending caps and foolish financial wording levied against the production companies who in fact DO WANT TO COME HERE. They have passed us by due to the problems with our incentive program. The NC Film Tax Incentive package is simply COSTING US JOBS.

Therefore, by no fault of our own, film industry residents of Wilmington and nearby cities are becoming part of the socio-economical problems of NC by becoming unemployment statistics, by drawing unemployment wages, by facing loan defaults, by home and auto foreclosures/repossessions, and by lack of returning money into the local and regional economies because WE CAN'T. We simply can not afford to if there is no work in our industry.

Now, drive this point further, pick up any local or regional publication relating to tourism in the immediate area. First and foremost you will see advertised the film / tv industry. Followed by the beaches, restaurants, the arts, etc... It all looks great on paper, the mystique of Hollywood, the actors visiting, high dollar lifestyles, the rich and famous visiting our city and such, but is that what we have become? A state full of "paper cities" ??
If you agree that Wilmington is just a "paper city" then simply sit by, do nothing, and maybe the problems noted here will just go away. However, I am certain that you know someone living in Wilmington who is negatively affected by the loss of the Film industry. It a loss of jobs, of incomes, of pursuit of livleyhoods, of possibilities and of stable futures for hundreds and hundreds of professionals as well as hundreds of local businesses who reap huge rewards from film production spending. Millions of dollars to local businesses. Ask any business owner you know if they would like to triple their business incomes six to eight months of the year and they will most decidedly say yes.

When we are unemployed, just as anyone else in any other profession, we lose health care, retirement, pensions, and financial ability. This means local business economy suffers, meaning more new taxes, higher prices of products and more corporate retail chains putting local owners out of business.

So what now??? Please read again the article printed in the Star News, then this retort, and hopefully pass along to everyone you know, especially local and state political officials. Your community needs your help. Bring our residents home to their families and support a huge majority of what once was and could again be a florishing, financially profitable, NEEDED source of revenue for NC.


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