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OK, for all the people out there stirring the pot... listen up for the last time!!!

The Film Incentive doesn't cost a dime out of the taxpayers dollar. It is a REBATE!!! The film production has to pay 100% of the taxes to the state it owes only once they have been verified by the state does the state return to them 25% of that 100% in the form of a check. It is easy to see that they the state is spending money because it has to write a check, but the money it is paying back is ALREADY in the system. If we can have the economic growth that GA is experiencing 1.5 Billion a year!!!! Why not give an incentive to lure them to NC. The truth is if this doesn't work you don't have to worry about anything because if they are making movies then they aren't getting rebates!!!

I'm seriously shocked how little people know of this, and how quickly they are to act like they are the authority. I have been working in the Film business for the last seven years. I moved here from out of state. I pay taxes here. I bought a house here last year. I'm no better than the person working at Corning, PPD, or GE. I work hard for my money in a profession I love. As an objective tax payer looking at the incentives I see it as a win win. The film gets a thank you for bringing there temp. business to our state, and the state gets 75% of taxes on a production that could have easily have filmed in GA. It is an unfortunate necessity that the state must do in order to bring in millions of dollars.

For the individuals who like to bad mouth the film crew with your BOO WHOO;s, and your Carney jokes... let me break it down for you... We work in a tough, fast paced industry. Most people can't handle it. We are college educated individuals , and probably your neighbors. We pay taxes, and spend our money locally just as you do. Our money is just as green as yours. We aren't moving any where because we have every right to the American dream as everyone else.

Lastly, I'm all for the voice of the people, and everyone should be able to voice there thoughts in a public venue. But I strongly suggest that you know what you are talking about before doing so. Learn the facts!!!!!


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