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2 Issues

First, you have made no reply to any of the questions I raised concerning the impact of the industry on the local or state economy.

Back it up with some facts.

Based on al which has been published, the movie industry is heading south as in Georgia. They don't make the kind of investment they have announced in Georgia unless they have some serious plans.

Second, you must be Mr. Griffith or the Governor. For only one of you could make the kind of self serving nonsense commending those parties.

What have either party done to keep the industry alive?

Frankly, perception is reality.

And it appears both parties were caught flat footed when the Georgia announcement was made.

And, the Governor had egg all over her face when she came to Wilmington to announce the Miley movie only to learn as she was stepping up to the mike that the project went south.

And frankly, Mr. Griffith has yet to state publicly whether he was part of the Governor's 23 person entourage when she jetted off to Hollywood.

And why would the Governor have to jet to California to learn the current film incentives are ineffective if Mr. Griffith is doing his job.

And, Mr. Griffith has yet to explain how an ineffective bill could be signed into law, last year, without comments from him concerning the benefit caps.

Ready to step up to the plate now, Mr. Griffith?

If not, perhaps the City should consider no financial support during tough economic times.

Success yields rewards and perks. Show the local populace specific success you have brought in. OR, give up the rewards, perks, and salary.


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