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again, like so many posts, there is a run, dash, and jump rather than a statement of facts.

It's real simple, show me the money so to speak.

What specifically have the Governor or Mr. Griffith done to keep the industry alive in NC?

That seems to be a pretty simple question.

I asked other questions as well concerning Mr. Griffith and his failure to perform. I won't bother to repeat them here as you clearly do not want to address specific questions with specific answers.

By your own statement, you and other investors are backing a movie project which went to Louisiana rather than here in NC.

Having said that, how can you in all candor supply such empty support for a Governor and a film promotor who failed in their job?

Face it, they failed. What was the last major project in NC? If there's been one since Nights in Rodantthe, please name it.

You know, it's real easy to shut someone like me up. Support what you say with facts and not a bunch of empty rhetoric.

What does Richard Burr have to do with all of this?

As to China, I'm the guy who proposed bringing Hummer here to eastern NC, when GM shut it down, and begin production with Chinese funding brought in by the Governor from her fund raising and business promoting 10 day junket over there last year. After all, the Governor you are praising spent all that time over there; have not seen anything develop from her relationship building trips.

That would have put a goodly number of North Carolinians to work and the Chinese executives could have purchased some of the over priced NC real estate. A win-win all around.

Bottom line, say something truthful, succesful, and verifiable she or Griffith have done in the past 2 years to promote movie making. Just one will do.


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