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I got the picture. Perhaps the problem is you're accustomed to dealing in pictures and forgot how to read.

My points have dealt with the ineffective performance of the Commission Guy, Mr. Griffith, who is paid over $120,000 per year and does not produce.

Fact -- the Governor sponsored a bill during the 2009 legislative session to increase film incentives. BUT, OH NO, no one picked up the caps on the amounts which could be paid thus rendering all that work useless according to some of the movie posters.

Where was Mr. Griffith during the legislative process.

Fact -- so the Governor loads up 23 of her cronies for a junket in Hollywood at the taxpayers' expense. 3 Days in Hollywood to learn the afore mentioned incentives were not effective due to the cap.

That was known last year. So why didn't the afore mentioned Mr. Griffith take the time to go to Raleigh and bring this to the legislature's attention last year?

Did he know? Did he care?

Was he a member of the Governor's 23 person entourage? Heaven to Betsey, if anyone in the entire state should have been on that junket, it would be he. Who better than he, with all his supposed contacts in the industry? But was he included? Easy yes or no answer.

Concerned, instead of jumping to conclusions; instead of displaying your ability to cut and paste; instead of clouding the issues, try reading my posts without emotion and then give direct answers to the direct questions I ask.

I hope the City Council asks those questions before they agree to pony up another $100,000 to support a guy who can not produce.

And again, for the record, what was the last Major production here in NC? Another easy question to answer.

Why am I not surprised no one can answer specific questions with direct answers? Must be a bunch of Democrats.


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