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Reply to Tom


Since Nights in Rodanthe there have been more projects namely "One Tree Hill", "The Fifth Quarter"(Winston Salem), "Main Street"(Durham) and "Provinces Of Night"(Wilmington). Also a movie in Charlotte called "The Trail", and one currently being filmed near Charlotte "Witness Insecurity".

Many of you don't know about the films that come here to film in the western part of the state or even the Triad. You have tunnel vision for what just comes to Wilmington. What you probably don't know is that I work for a company that has rented equipment to all of these films and the company is in Wilmington. More projects over $250,000 are filmed in this state than advertised.

As for the money side of things... WWAY is wrong and if you read the article again it says refundable credit.... well that would mean they had to pay 100% in order for it to be called a refund... Am I correct? The production has to pay there taxes. If there production company is out of state they have to set-up offices in our state in order to film here those offices are taxed within the state of NC. They have to pay 100% of the taxes to the state it owes. Only after they have been verified by the state can they receive 25% of the 100% back. NO MONEY FROM THE TAXPAYER!!!

However the City, and State does fund the film commission's. So that is taxpayer dollars to be truthful.

Back to your question about the 20 million dollar budget. Lets say of that 20 million 15 million is spent in the state. So they pay NC taxes on 15 Million dollars which comes out to 1.2 million in taxes. They pay the entire 1.2 million in taxes to the state The other 13.8 million is spent on talent, and crew who will have to pay NC income tax. The rest of the money is spent on space rental, equipment, wood, furniture, supplies, etc. and the companies they get those items from pay NC taxes... if they purchase or rent something from out of state then they can't claim that amount on the refund.

The film wraps they get all of there receipts together and submit everything to the State only when the state has verified everything will they return 25% of the taxes they had already paid... So if you want to know how much money was brought to the state it would be the whole 15 million dollars...

The reason for the incentives is because if we want this money we have to lure them here. GA is playing a tough game, and for us to be competitive with them we must enhance our incentives. If this will bring in a lot of productions take people of un-employment, and bring millions to the state it is a no brainer. The only thing it is costing NC is the overhead of the state film office, and for Wilmington the film office here. Other than that it's just the time, and air we spend talking about it...


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