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Want to Talk About

an underhanded way not to be accountable? An underhanded way to ram something down the taxpayers throats?

Look at Senate Bill 1378. It would approve an additional $450,000,000 of state debt.

But it would do so not through a referendum vote, which in this economy might well fail to pass.

No, No. The Know All Senators would use Certificates of Participation.

These Certificates can be compared to the smoke and mirrors of a budget process.

They do not require our approval. They're sort of like a bank account overdraft which the Senators use with a vote.

They carry a higher interest rate than bonds approved in a referendum voting process.

Now why, one must ask, would the Senators, who face the challenge of writing a budget, and who have helped create the financial aramgeddon we citizens will face in the coming 3 years, use this mehtod to get something they want which we might not approve?

Think about that when you vote in November.


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