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I am in complete agreements

I am in complete agreements with what Guest77 says about "special interest cronies".

Here's an aspect of the CFPUA structure that's under my skin. When the board was first empowered there was representation of elected officials, one of those positions was filled by then Wilmington Commissioner Jim Quinn.

It would not be unreasonable to infer that Mr. Quinn's ostensible duty would be to protect the interests of his constituency, the people of Wilmington who elected him to office.

Mr. Quinn is no longer a Wilmington commissioner, he lost his last election bid, yet has been re-appointed to another term on the CFPUA board.

Who is Mr. Quinn now representing? It is plain to me that a voice and vote on the board that WAS accountable to the taxpayers and voters is now gone.

Another fine example of a politician infesting the process and reaching into our pockets.

My vote for Mr. Berger is assured! When does Mr. Thompson come up for re-election. It's time to send all these arrogant politicians a reminder of who they are oath bound to serve.


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