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Well, the "intent" was met...

...because SLOW is what they got! Add to it, people on their cell phones not paying attention and you have a snails pace getting through town. People are now using the bike lanes as right hand turn lanes in their lack of patience. This is an accident waiting to happen.

I never saw any indication of a single DOT traffic study, no counters, no cameras, no observers...nothing. Seems to me that if you are going to institute a new traffic pattern that may gridlock an already slow one, you would perform a study to avoid a half million dollar redo to put it back to where it was! A half-million dollars??? This isn't I-40, it's only two basic intersections and a few road-mark changes.

So, I suppose this is just another one those "award winning ideas" from our wonderful DOT that uselessly soaks up our tax dollars due to their inept ability to design a simple intersection in a 2 horse town.

They walk among us...and we pay them.


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