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These comments are comical.

These comments are comical. All of these comments are in support of electing Berger but give no specifics reasons why they are voting FOR Berger, just why they are voting against caster. How can you say its a breath of "fresh" air when you DONT know ANYTHING ABOUT BRIAN BERGER! Such as the following:
QUESTION 1- What does he do for a living?
QUESTION 2- Where is he from?
QUESTION 3- What type of experience does he
have to manage a multi-million
dollar budget?
QUESTION 4- Why is he running for commissioner
if his main focus is bettering the
school system? Thats the school
boards job, not commissioner.
QUESTION 5- WHAT is he? He has run 3 times
as a libraltarian & lost, he is now
running as a republican, but is
endorsed mainly by democrats.
Confused? Yeah, so are most republicans!

Why is Brain Berger running? He has NO experience on any type of committee run organization, no job, & no real party affiliation.


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