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Idiots that Can't Spell

Answer 1: You are Not too bright.
Answer 2: You have No Interest in the Answers to your ridiculous questions.
Answer 3: You are either extremely uninformed and ignorant, or are a Hack of Caster.

Why don't you go to Berger's Web site and find your answers, read a newspaper, or attend events where your questions have been addressed.

Answer: Because you do not care. You are a Caster Hack, probably his paid campaign manager, a sleazeball who pulled the same crap against Thom Goolsby.

Brian Berger has experience in business, public policy, and has been involved locally for years, intelligently advocating for taxpayers who have no voice in our local government.

That's why people like and respect him...except greedy RINOs and DINOs with no morals and no principles except greed. That's a sin, something you probably know lots about. You clearly no nothing about politics and have nothing intelligent or informed to offer...just like Caster.

And just like Caster, who's attacks on Berger are disgusting and intended to lie to the public, so is your post. Berger has integrity, and that alone makes him better qualified than Bill to be a public servant. "Integrity" - its a word, go look it up, because you obviously have no idea what it means and have none of it yourself!


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