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More Caster Deception-nothing comical about his record!!

I want to note the earlier comment by the individual who commented upon Mrs. Castor's singualar lack of grace during the debate yesterday. There is nothing comical about Caster's arrogance, broken campaign promises and mismanagment and incompetence with the budget, ABC , Titan and so many other issues. You ask why Berger is running -- It is Caster's sorry record, special deals for special interests and incompetence. Yes-as I recall, Berger ran once before as a republican and once as a libertarian- but at least he has been consistent on the issues unlike Caster. Caster deserves to go-so I say thank you to anyone not intimadated by his political hacks and willing to stand up to him.
You seek to confuse issues reflecting the desparation of Bill caster and his band of political cronies. You can't deal with the facts so you run a dirty campaign like Harry Reid. Caster and John EDWARDS BOTH HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THE TRUTH -you wont mislead the voters and proud republicans. Berger has answered your questions-but rather than address Casters' special deals for special interests, his mismanagement leading to corruption and waste at ABC and other issues-you seek to deflect attention from what concerns many Republicans- we can not, will not and do not deserve to win with Caster and his pathetic record. Republicans, Democrats and Independents want change from Caster's kind of politics--and Brian Berger if he keeps his campaign promises might be the right kind of change. Republicans and others know Bill CASTER HAS THE COMPETENCE OF JIMMY CARTER AND ALL THE GRACE OF RICHARD NIXON--WE HAVE TO DO BETTER AND WHILE YOU CHOOSE TO IGNORE THE FACTS- BRIAN BERGER BASED ON HIS POSITIONS ON THE ISSUES WOULD BE A BETTER CHOICE AND A FRESH DIRECTION. WE DESERVE TO LOSE WITH CASTER-MAYBE WE HAVE A BETTER ALTERNATIVE FOR THE VOTERS WITH BERGER.


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