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Caster is desparate

These questions have been answered. Republicans and others aren't asking those questions they are asking these questions-
(1) Why does Caster take so much money from special interests that do business with the County?
(2) Where was Caster when the County discovered a ten million dollar accounting mistake on his watch-costing us all because of Caster mismanagment.On your question about the Budget-any one could do a better job than Caster. Berger's practical views are OK with most Republicans.
(3) Why has Bill Caster supported most tax increases and voted for out of control spending? Even Republicans can not defend his sorry spend and tax habits.
(4) Why did Bill Caster participate in a secretive process and sweetheart deal with Titan. We see pictures from the Gulf and the special deal BP got- do we want to tolerate the same from Caster and Titan?
(5) Bill Caster will do and say anything to keep his job-what bothers proud Republicans are the jobs we have lost and the jobs we have not brought here because Caster and his cronies are concerned with their pockets-not ours.
Brian Berger and Bill Caster disagree on many issues- and if we focus on those differences you would realize why proud Republicans know we need a change and a better direction. Brain Berger is a better candidate and will offer a better choice to Republcians, non-affiliated voters and even Democrats in November. We can not, will not and should not win with a candidate who has failed and performed as poorly as Bill Caster. We have a better choice for all voters if we give the voters a better candidate-like Brian Berger.


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