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Caster is no joke--he is sad choice

Frankly, I don't see much comical about the comments below. The Caster hack who wrote the comment probably wrote his ads--we should take in stride Bill Caster's lies and sleaze-Caster has done it for years. I think people want a change-Bill Caster has been wrong on many issues and, as many of the earlier comments reflect, his poor judgment, incompetent management and questionable acts-reflect poor performance. BRIAN Berger is young and he has some things to learn-but on every issue that concerns most of the voters-Republicans and others, he undertsands the issue and presents a better perspective than Caster. Brian is a better candidate and a better choice on the issues. When we reflect on Caster's failure as a leader and politico -it brings to mind Jimmy Carter-we can"t afford 4 more years with Caster
That's probably why Brian is running and why Caster's effort to use special interest money to distort issues and buy this election will fail. Republicans aren't confused-there mad along with other voters at Bill Caster for lying over many years and for his poor performance .


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