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Bladen County settle taser death

I think we should let this matter be laid to rest. Billy was friend of mine and money will never bring You back! I know of the issues that happen that evening and the officers involved where friends also. 38 times come on all the lawyers are going to do is make a check. Sew! Sew! Sew! cost the county more and more for the people who are alive, Monday morning quarter backs. Well again if anyone who cared about Billy thought that much about him why did they let him continue hurting himself with the drugs he used. Billy was a good guy but under the influence of this impairing substance his mother, if was living would have told You the same thing. I think if money changes the way people do things then ok, take the money and put it in the grave. Or support the county with money to help Alcohol and Drug users see the light before they end up in the grave to.


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