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You my friend....

...are a f**king idiot! Who cares that he had "weed" in the car? And that he was possibly texting while driving? Not to mention the fact that they are both illegal...but he blew a .09 and hit two people. Live in fear.....hide in a cave? What the f**k are you talking about? Every crime on the planet could be labeled as a "mistake" under your retard rationalization. Its pretty clear that you obviously are a friend of the accused....and this is your ignorant way to try to defend him. Lets just take a deep breath and realize that: 1) you are not very smart 2) logic and reasoning have escaped you 3) your grasp on the law and lack of respect for it is astonishing 4) did I mention youre not very smart?

"let God be the judge" is a f**king morons way of saying "I f**ked up"


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