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If as you state

2 wrongs do not make a right, what do 2 tickets for DWI make?

What do 2 victims with broken bodies make?

How many must die from the acts of drivers who drink, huff, or do drugs while driving? There were 2 fatalities in Brunswick County within the past 2 or 3 weeks.

What do those lost lives make?

I posted some comments on how the local law enforcement bodies might work in unison to stem the apparent increase in DWI incidents.

How is your post in any way relevant to that?

"So what if he had weed and was text messaging" Add those to the DWI ticket and he has 3 wrongs; right? Then add the 2 injured parties and he has 5 wrongs? Right?

Where is the cave located you crawled out of? Someone might want to take some C-4 and seal the entrance before others of your mind set get out.


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