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What a mind!

"So what if he had weed and was text messanging."

Gee, you left out, "So what if he was drunk, too."

Your basic argument clearly indicates that you still possess the immature sense of right and wrong normally found in a three year-old. If you can so easily espouse the fact that breaking two (or three) laws and nearly killing two people isn't really that big a deal, then I can only say that you, too, will in all likelihood eventually wind up in jail...and with much justification. (Of course, since God has a GREAT sense of irony, perhaps he can arrange to get you mowed down by a drunk driver, instead.)

Society does need to be protected from drunks armed with a ton of steel, criminals, and those who sypathize and justify criminality. It's why we HAVE laws and why we pay taxes.


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