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Caster/Berger debate

I was the individual filmed in the verbal give and take with Mrs. Caster. The crowd at the Senior Center was heavily pro-Berger, and I believe this threw the small contingent of Caster supporters, family and campaign staff off balance. My tete-a-tete with Mrs. Caster arose from my guffaws over some of Caster's responses during the debate: basically, I was laughing at his lack of knowledge, dependence on cliches, and defensiveness. It was especially amusing to hear him excuse his lack of oversight of the ABC Board because "I don't drink". What a laughable cop out. I agree 100% with the other comments: Caster's time is up. His complete lack of oversight (depending on staff to review the budget, when he admitted that (paraphrased) "...being a County Commissioner is my only job" was one more piece of evidence showing that he should not be re-eleceted. All in all, it was an eye-opening event; I believe you see the true character in people when they are challenged by the unknown and that which makes them uncomfortable---I believe Caster's poor performance reflected this.


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