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Republican shame at Caster record and campaign sleaze

This run off is about the future of Republicans and the rest of us who live here. Do we want better County Government and less sleaze and deception from our representatives? I hope the answer is yes..Brian Berger is right this is a time for change. Do we want to take on special interests like Titan or let them influence and buy politicians like Caster? How in the world can we not do something about Caster using special interest money to try to buy this run off. Do we want to bring new businesses and better employment opportunities here? Brian might do it -he cares about more jobs for all of us-
Bill Caster cares about one job—his own!
Taxes- Bill has failed us on that issue miserably-while taking donations from many special interests over the years? That cries out for new leaders.
It’s Brian in the run off and the democrats in the fall if he doesnt win. We can’t afford the arrogance or the lies of Bill Caster. We need Brian not because he’s new blood but because we really shouldn’t be willing to accept the status quo when we have a chance for a better leader.


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