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Re: Obama and Health Care for Seniors

The prior posting is a straight-up lie. As usual the tea partiers will say anything to trick seniors into believing their lying rhetoric.

The bill would bolster the existing Medicare prescription-drug benefit by addressing part of its “doughnut hole” problem.
Right now, after a senior has spent $2,700 on drugs in a year, coverage stops until that same person has spent $6,154 on drugs, when it starts up again.
Hence the “doughnut hole” nickname.
Beginning in 2010, people who fall into this hole will get $250 from the government to help. Thereafter, according to the bill, the US will gradually increase the percentage of drug costs it pays within this gap. By 2020, the US will pay 75 percent of senior drug costs between $2,700 and $6,154.
Medicare will also begin to pick up the tab for annual wellness visits.


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