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Caster = ABC Corruption

You could have 3, 5 or 50 people on the ABC Board, but as long as dishonest elected officials like Bill "disaster" Caster are stacking these Boards with unethical cronies and selling seats on the Boards for campaign cash or "favors" from special interest groups like the homebuilders association, NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

The ABC system should be privatized. Until it is, we need to elect honest citizens like Brian Berger to County and city positions. Berger isn't corruptible and won't appoint unethical people to public boards.

Caster appointed his unethical cronies, and allowed the ABC Board to act unethically. The ABC Board is just one of the public boards where Caster, cronyism and corruption Rule!

We've got to elect Brian Berger, and then others like him, who will fight to privatize the system...and ensure the good ole boy corruption of Caster and Co. doesn't continue unabated until real reform is acheived.

This addition of two members is a joke, not real reform. Real reform requires getting rid of Caster by electing Brian Berger in the current Run-Off, and again in November.


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