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Caster IS a Liar

Bill Caster continues to lie to us voters, distorting his record (he's voted for every spending project but makes the other commissioners vote for tax increases to pay for spending Caster approved...that's political game playing at is worst). Bill has always been a big government, tax and spend liberal in the pockets of special interests.

Caster's negative campaign lying about Brian Berger, is just shameful. Of course, Caster is spending about $40 dollars to every one dollar Berger has spent, because Caster is a paid mercenary for greedy special interests and supports corruption. Berger doesn't.

Caster lying about his record, and lying and distorting Brian Berger's position (which he clearly states on his website I checked makes it clear that Caster is dishonest.

Caster and his high taxes, incompetence and support for corruption and cronyism has cost taxpayers enough. He needs to go. Brian Berger is the more honorable, principled candidate.
Caster can't win in November, Berger can, because Berger is the better person and better Republican!


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