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circuit board

You obviously have a Catalina Spa. The wire size on almost every spa I have seen them put in was not the correct 6 gauge. The company that sold them recommended an electrician that used a THHN wire that was under sized according to their top engineer Chen at Balboa Industries that makes their circuit boards. We clipped several pieces of their wire and sent it to them with the pictures I take when I arrive at a spa, while working on a spa and the after pictures when I am finished. Since you have chosen WilmingtonMAJ to hide behind a screen name I can only guess that your one of the very first I worked on there before realizing the wire size was wrong and was in fact destroying almost every circuit board I went out to replace. (They caught fire and burned from the undersized wire) There are digital photos, that can be seen of your accusation. Not knowing who you are though keeps me from posting them or responding to this. I doubt I made that mistake nor was the reason your hot tub wire is most likely undersized. I have always had liability insurance from the start to the end of that business. If there had been a problem a simple phone call by you could have been placed or email. Those parts are not something I paid for if the repair was under warranty and all of the referrals from that company were for tubs that were under warranty. For the short month I took on their repair work before realizing I needed to quickly walk away from them due to the liability with the wiring issue, I replaced very few circuit boards. 17 of the first 20 repair orders were for their customers that had problems at least 6 months to 14 months old. We still have all the paperwork to prove it. We did make copies of everything for the NC Electrical Licensing board and Balboa Inc. since they both wanted to know more about all of the burnt boards and fried heaters we were seeing. Good thing we had/have pictures.


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