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There are many good reasons to vote for
Brian Berger based on his position on the issues- meet him and come hear him and I think you will agree. HOWEVER-ONE OF THE REASONS FOR HEAVY VOTING IS VOTER ANGER AT BILL CASTER FOR NOT ANSWERING THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS-please think about them too----
(1) Why does Bill Caster take so much money from special interests that do business with the County?
(2) Why has he voted for tax increases and reckless spending over his many many years in office?
(3) Where was Caster when there was waste and corruption at ABC
(4) Why did Caster participate in a slimy process and sweetheart deal with Titan- we see BP in the Gulf -do we want that here?
(5) While Bill and his cronies have been doing and saying anything to keep his job-what about the jobs the County has lost and may not get because Caster has been concerned with his job but not ours. Where has Caster been?

Proud Republicans believe Brian Berger is right on the issues and a better Republican choice for all the voters in November. Now, we have Caster and his Pelosi kind of politics- Caster's kind of sleazy politics is no longer acceptable to most Republicans--and surely others. Caster's ads are misleading but we shouldn't be suprised so is Caster-just look at his record. We can win for the right reasons in November with Brian Berger--or lose deservedly for sure if we have to carry the burden of Caster's record and his kind of politics- Nationwide voters are rejecting Pelosi/ Caster politicos-they will do that here too.


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