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Berger Tells the Truth, Caster Lies

Brian Berger has answered all those questions, in numerous public forums before the May 4th Primary, in his campaign literature he handed out at events, and even on his Web site. In fact, Berger has the most complete and in-depth Web site which helped set him apart from the slick politicians like Caster.

Berger has been subjected to the most vicious, disgusting attacks from Caster and Caster's greedy, liberal RINO friends. Bill should be ashamed of himself for being so sleazy and stooping to such a low level, and so should his friends who pretend to "ask questions" but are really making mean-spirited innuendos (because the answers have been provided by Berger repeatedly in multiple forms and at numerous events).

The answer that matters is: Berger has been active in local politics for years, and he has always been courageous, consistent and selfless in looking out for normal folks. Berger has been honest and principled and sincere.

Caster has been disingenuous, unethical in raising money for his campaign of attacks and distortions, and Caster us a chameleon. A "concervative" when its election time, and a liberal big government, incompetent 18-year incumbent with poor judgement and a penchant for corruption between elections. He doesn't deserve another 4 years and the way he's run this campaign is beyond dishonorable. Caster and his supporters should be ashamed.

I probably would not have voted in this election but Caster's lying has been so egregious, and his supporters and "paid consultants" so slimy, that I am going to vote for Brian Berger. Every decent Christian, patriot and conservative should vote for Berger.

Caster needs to go, he's dishonored himself and is a liability to the Republican PArty and every candidate for the GOP in November. Berger would be an asset to our County government and other Republican candidates.


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