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I agree with you. There are

I agree with you. There are some hate mongers on here who jump at the chance to belittle someone's grief or quick to pass judgment on someone when they have minimal knowledge of the circumstances involving the incident...

As for those of you who say "keep your kids locked up," - you CLEARLY do not even have children and it's a frightening thought if you do.

Kids have the right to play or ride bicycles in their own neighborhood without fear that someone will come barreling through at 40+ MPH. What people fail to realize: it's not just young (1-5 year old) pedestrians who fall victim to someone's recklessness. Adults are struck and killed while walking, riding bikes, etc. as well, all as a result of someone's negligence.

Any number of factors can lead to a dog getting out including one plain mistake, (which of course you hate mongers with your attitudes and swift judgments have never made a "common mistake" so you wouldn't know)...

My thoughts and prayers are with the family who endured the loss of a beloved pet regardless of the circumstances.


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