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My horrified children

This incident happened in front of my house on Wood Sorrell Road. Unfortunately my kids were playing in the front yard and had to witness the whole thing. They ran in the house horrified and screaming that a dog had been hit. My kids should not have seen that. The dog did not die right away my kids had to watch him stumble around on broken legs, then he collapsed and died! The truck that hit the dog did not slow down, hit the brakes - nothing!! Fortunately the car behind him had a heart and stopped to check on the dog. People go down this road everyday at 50+ MPH - that could have very easily been a child! As far as the comment about locking up your dogs and kids - it is obvious you have neither. It is summer the kids are going to go and and play. This is their neighborhood and they have every right to play outside. I know the dog owner and I know that there was no neglect on their part in this situation. The dog recently learned how to jump the fence. The owner did not know the dog was out so I don't blame them at all!! It was a very unfortunate accident, I know the truck did not mean to hit the dog. Common curiosity tells you to stop when something like this happens (or at least you would think so)! The whole point is first of all it could have been a child and 2nd of all - slow down in residential neighborhoods!! I know our road is a short cut that many of you take to get to Market, but is getting to where you are going worth risking the life of a child???


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