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First of all, whoever is heartless enough to say those bad things is probably the one drive who killed our dog (in front of kids) and never stopped (doing over 45 on 35mph), or the one person who went after the news crew left and took the signs down.
Our dog got loose while we're at work (you idiot). At 6 pm all people are walking and all kids are playing in a quiet neighborhood.
If you driver get off the freaking phone, drive under speed limits and pay the freaking attention, this would have never happened.
I'm sure to all you people blaming the owner, you had a mother who cared for you and never wanted you getting hit by a car, but how many times did you run to catch your ball on the road? Or crossed without looking carefuly?
My next sign will be SLOW DOWN OR YOU'LL KILL MY KID.
Accidents happen, but next time stop to show some freaking sorrow for killing someones loved pet.


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