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Brian Berger-far better choice

Brian is a good and decent person- concerned with OUR future- Caster is concerned with lining the pockets of special interests and his own- just look at Caster's contributors. Brian is concerned with bringing new employers and more jobs to NHC- Caster had the chance and has failed miserably for the past eight years. Brian is a chance for change for the better- Caster has the worst experience possible- we need a change-we can't afford Caster and 4 more years of his lies.
- we need a real Republican- Brian Berger not a phony politico named Caster.
Casters campaign of deceit and lies is like his record-Brian has the desire and experience to do better. This runoff gives us a chance to reject the failed status quo-and maybe do better. No question Berger is a better alternative going forward and the caster sleaze campaign won't confuse the facts of Caster's poor judgement, management failures at the Cape Fear Utility and ABC-and many others noted by comments below.


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