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Hi "46", I'm "99x" and I

Hi "46", I'm "99x" and I read early on in this debate that her honor did file a lawsuit against Betty Fennel's campaign manager, thus my real name shall be hidden too.

Judge Lewis may be a fine and upstanding person and a talented jurist BUT it is sad to see that she consented to risking her prestige and even career for what? Stonewalling a case against a DRUNK. I'm no stranger to enjoying a couple drinks and maybe even a couple more than prudent, BUT a .14 isn't a mistake... it isn't an extra beer for the road after leaving a barbecue, the last glass of wine in the bottle at a restaurant meal... A .14 is SERIOUSLY DRUNK. A BAC of .09 may be seen as a mistake or an indiscretion. A .14 is really "in the bag"... fortunately in this sordid case no-one wound up in a body bag.

It's too bad that Judge Lewis is on the doorstep of sh*tcanning her career because she cut too much slack for the benefit of a bufoon who lacked the class or breeding to keep his pie hole shut.

Had House had just a little class and half a brain he would have not boasted about getting off on a technicality.

What a dope...


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