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House's attorney

House was represented by the best defense attorney in Brunswick County. Back-scratching was unnecessary.

Everyone seems to be looking for a conspiracy behind every rock. How many of you were actually there and saw everything that happened? I know I wasn't, but I have read a news report from someone who was actually in the courtroom that day. Did any of you know that the ADA in the case had plenty of time to prepare and that she had initially called in sick that day? Have any of you ever filled out a subpoena form? I have and I can tell you that it is not rocket science. It was a HUGE mistake and if you want to blame anyone in this case you should look no further than the ADA who screwed it up.

House was in the wrong and if the DA's office is successful in filing the appeal, they will at least have the chief's own words on tape admitting his crime. The chief shouldn't have gotten off. He shouldn't be able to keep his job and neither should the ADA who mishandled this case.

As far as the decision Judge Lewis made, she followed the law. And as unfair as it may seem, the law doesn't always coincide with what the public wants, and that should be taken up with the lawmakers.

Speaking of lawmakers, we should be on their case to pass tougher laws on DWI in North Carolina. DWI is not a felony unless someone dies or the drunk driver is classified as a habitual offender. So, take all this energy you are using, reacting to a one-sided, biased report and put it to good use by calling your representatives and voting at the polls.


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