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Caster still won't answer key questions and runs from public

Whenever I see or hear Bill Caster these days-I think of Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.
Remember, President Reagan's classic line during one of their debates- I can only say:
There you go again Mt. Caster- but let us look at the record. Did Caster answer any of the following questions during this interview:
(1) Are we better off now than we were four years ago? Look at ABC corruption-Utility costs and Titan to name but a few issues.
(2) How much money has Caster taken in his many many campaigns from special interests that do business with our County? He is trying to buy this run off and election with special interest monies.
(3) Why has Bill Caster lied to us about raising taxes and out of control spending? Bill the voters haven't forgotten they are angry at your poor judgement, arrogance and lies on some key issues.
(4) Why did Bill Caster vote for a public opinion survey using taxpayer money in March 2010 that would be helpful to him if he chose to run again?
(5) Why did Bill Caster make secretive and sweetheart deals with Titan--just look at the Gulf of Mexico and BP- is that what we want here?
(6) Why did Bill Caster fail so miserably in preventing a 10 million dollar accounting error on his watch -that hurt the County and all of us- Republican, Democrats and others.

This election is about the future and building a better County- Doesn't Caster sound out of touch and is his kind of experience what we really want. This interview reconfirms why we so need a change.
Bill Caster's running from debates and the public- shows us he has lost touch. We can and should do better than vote for an incumbent with his record.

There is another candidate and he is better on ths issues- if you agree vote for him--and if you are happy with where we are -there is the staus quo.

We can do better than Caster- with your help on the 22nd we will by supporting a better candidate-Brian Berger


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