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Well, Well, Well

Seems like Mr. Gore is listening to the voices of the people now that the fire is licking at his butt. This case should have been handled properly and in the case of DWI at a .14, this should have never been allowed to be appealed regardless of the lack of LEO in the courtroom. This is the time to take a stand and stop being soft and allowing so many rights to be stretched. This was not a murder case, it was a case of stupid actions by one person who should have been fired when convicted the first time.
This also exposes the "good ole boy" network in Oak Island that has been there for many years now. When will it stop?
Mr. Walters, step up to the plate and relieve House of his position as he should have been fired when he first was convicted. Would you have allowed a public works employee or someone of lower rank to remain on payroll with just a suspension? I think not!
Working in a safety sensitive position such as Fire Chief DEMANDS a mature thinking person who would not have endangered lives on the road that night or any other time by drinking and driving. The comments made by House are stupid and show he does not take this issue seriously. I guess he is in the "GOB" network.
Sad state of affairs


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