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I'll second that.

Focusedvoter wrote: "I think the gist of issue is not whether caster or his campaign aide did anything unlawful- but the kind of campaign they have conducted"

What is illegal for us, isn't illegal for politicians. Take the Bob Etheridge incident for example, or the current administration and the party that has been in power the last few years in the senate and forever in N.C.

The kind of Campaign Bill Caster is running turns my stomach. Don't talk about issues Bill. Distort, attack, confuse and promise, thats the politically correct way these days.

What has anyone done about the 20 plus million illegals that have waltzed across our open border and taken 20 plus million jobs and resources away from legal Americans? They (all illegals and especially Mexicans) have clogged our jails and hospitals and strained our infrastucture.

This country is flat broke and trillions in debt with no end in sight. These are just some of the issues I wanna hear about.

You've had your chance Bill and look where we're at under your reign.


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