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stupid backstabbing

I am an employee of Pender County who is very tired of all of this. I have worked with Dr. G and find that he has the best interest of the county in mind. I will not say that Gwen Smith does not hold power in her position as she does. But the power held is the power that comes with the position. I feel that many of the employees that are causing trouble are not looking for a fair ride but a special ride. They want thing their way, not necessarily the fair way. I can say that I have made mention of some things that I could see as overlooked but indeed they were not overlooked they were not quite correct or some issues may have been missed by me. Would this make administration wrong or would that make me wrong??? BIG QUESTION

I feel that in the past I may not have been treated fairly by Shirley Steele so I am not sure what will happen to me if she were to be put in a position of power. So George Brown I guess I will need to find a county commisioner to support and protect me from her.... Who will calm my fears about my job... In the past it has been DO YOUR JOB... DO IT RIGHT.... AND YOU HAVE JOB SECURITY....Not anymore!!!! I wait now to see a hit man aound the corner to come after me... I feel as if one has already been recruited in my department... I now overhear many comments and find that no one should feel safe... Doing a GOOD JOB no longer counts for anything.... You must know someone or scratch someones back.... I DON'T THINK I KNOW HOW TO PLAY THE GAME!!! HELP ME GOD!!!!!!


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