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pender County Health Department

If I didn't care about the animals, it wouldn't matter to me that an untrained person was in charge of the shelter. I work almost daily with animals and am close to the rescue group who "ran" the shelter for the county (for a few months). Trust me, I'm not just sitting back in my easy chair posting here for lack of anything else to do. I've watched this county government for years turning into something that breaks my heart. I believed that the commissioners had our best interest at heart. I wasn't naive enough to think they weren't concerned about being re-elected, but still, I thought the welfare of the county was their #1 concern. I know for a fact now that this isn't always true. I thought the person who was ultimately responsible for the animal shelter would be able to see the big picture and do what is best for the animals, not change policy from day to day (I'm referring to Dr. Griffith) and I thought that someone who had completely turned the health department of pender county around and accomplished all that Dr. G has , would know when it was time to step down before he ruined his own reputation.


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